SBT3000 Power Line Smart AC Switch Controller

In this video, we demonstrate a High Voltage Zap on an SBT3000 and how the SBT3000 protects a load from AC Undervoltage and Overvoltage conditions. The SBT3000 IC acts as a fast light switch. If the AC line input voltage is too high, it turns off the power. This protects the load, and when the power returns to normal, the SBT3000 turns the power back on again.

SBT3000 Product Details

The SBT3000 is an autonomous high voltage AC switch controller device, which monitors incoming line voltage to ensure that the downstream load only operates within its safe maximum continuous voltage ratings. In the event of over-voltage line conditions, the SBT3000 will automatically disable the AC switch to protect and isolate the load and minimize the potential of catastrophic failure modes. The SBT3000 Evaluation Module (EVB), is an engineering circuit board designed for testing the operation of the SBT3000 integrated circuit. The SBT3000 EVB contains an SO8 IC socket and all the necessary support components to be able to apply an input voltage and a moderate load in order to evaluate the overvoltage protection features of the device. 

SBT3000 Technical Documentation

Power utilities attempt to provide the cleanest AC power to their customers, but how common is a voltage swell, where the line voltage is above normal for more than a few milliseconds? In the USA, there is an organization called the Information Technology Industry Council (ITIC). Amongst other functions, this organization gives recommendations to power utility companies on how long a “normal” voltage swell can last.

Although 166μs is likely within the protection domain of a varistor, 1ms and 3ms are likely not able to be fully protected by a varistor because the energy in these swells exceeds the long-term power dissipation capability of a varistor. Please note a large difference between the short time and continuous power handling capability of a varistor that even a large 20mm varistor can only dissipate 1 watt continuously. Therefore long-term overvoltage conditions will likely damage a varistor.

SBT300x Power Line Smart AC Switch Controller Evaluation Module 

The SBT300x Evaluation Module (EVB), is an engineering circuit board designed for testing the operation of the SBT3000 integrated circuit. The SBT300x EVB contains an SO8 IC socket and all the necessary support components to be able to apply an input voltage and a moderate load in order to evaluate the overvoltage protection features of the device. 


The SiliconBrite SBT3000 IC detects an overvoltage condition and turns off the downline load for the duration of the overvoltage condition. The SBT3000 can be used in conjunction with a varistor to provide superior unmatched line voltage protection. Customers will appreciate the additional reliability of the SBT3000 solution, which will ensure robust and uninterrupted long-term reliable operation of their product.  

SBT3000 Applications

Travel Adapters & Chargers / Consumer Electronics

Billions of people globally rely on robust and safe operations of travel adapters in order to charge their cell phones, laptops, and various other electronic gadgets. Travel adapters and chargers are susceptible to high voltage, lightning, and potential surge failures which may also cause a fire hazard in consumers’ homes due to damaged internal components such as varistors and capacitors. SBT3000’s unique architectural solution is applicable to many different kinds of travel adapters and chargers which results in increased safety, quality, and reliability while reducing the overall footprint of the end product.


Smart Appliances & White Goods

SBT3000 is quickly becoming a superior and preferred solution in Smart Appliances and White Goods as it provides a robust, safe, and proven system protection against potential voltage fluctuations, unstable power sources, and surges. As appliances are getting ‘smarter’ which also requires complex electronics, it is becoming more critical for OEMs to reduce high-cost repairs, including potential warranty claims from consumers, from those types of damages. By using the SBT3000 solid-state IC solution, smart appliances and white goods are completely protected in perpetuity vs. the other legacy technologies such as varistors and/or capacitors which provide limited lifetime protection and potential fire hazards.


Robotics / Sensors / Industrial 4.0 / IIoT

SiliconBrite Technologies' portfolio offers high-reliability power protection products for Industrial Robotics and Cobots applications. Machine learning has further enabled robots to perform complex tasks, requiring more sophisticated power management and sensor-related technologies. As these applications require continuous mission and time-critical operations, which also demand high quality and reliability, the robots can't be susceptible to downtime due to damage from power surges. The SiliconBrite SBT3000 autonomous, solid state-based IC solution protects the Robotics applications broadly from overvoltage and surge conditions that will otherwise be destroyed by the previously used legacy, discrete varistor, and capacitor-based protection.


EV Chargers / Energy Control & Protection

Electric Car Charging Stations continuously require a robust and reliable operation in very harsh environments. Usually, outside in the elements and interfacing between the power grid and electric vehicles, there are unwanted voltage conditions created that are not favorable for sensitive electronics inside the charging stations and the EVs. Using the SBT3000 completely changes the reliability by providing superior protection for the EV chargers due to high voltage-related damages. In addition, an electric vehicle being charged can be further protected during charging, which will potentially eliminate costly damage to the EV electronics and charging systems. The SBT3000’s state-of-the-art solution provides continuous and superior voltage protection vs. old technology-based solutions in EV charging stations.


Motor Control / Drive / Protection

Most AC motors are directly connected to the main power line. Any voltage spikes and surge conditions caused by lighting can potentially cause permanent damage by blowing up the capacitors and varistors, which then may further destroy motor control/drive circuitry. Also, the temperature rise while the motor is in operation may further degrade the lifespan of passive components, which then become more susceptible to failures during unwanted voltage conditions. SBT3000 solid-state IC solution significantly reduces to risk of motor failures while increasing reliability by providing continuous and unlimited voltage protection.