SBT3001 Product Details

The SBT3001 is a patented, high voltage AC switch controller device which monitors incoming line voltage to ensure that the downstream load only operates within its safe maximum continuous voltage ratings. In the event of over-voltage line conditions, the SBT3001 will immediately disable the AC switch to protect and isolate the load and minimize the potential of catastrophic failure modes. Once the line voltage has stabilized back within a safe operating range for the duration of the recovery timer interval (user adjustable via external timing capacitor), normal load operation will resume in the following cycle and be synchronized to zero Line to Load voltage condition, thereby resulting in minimal in-rush current stress.

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SBT3001 Technical Documentation

Power utilities around the world attempt to provide the cleanest AC power to their customers, but how common is a voltage swell, where the line voltage is above normal for more than a few milliseconds that can be just enough to destroy sensitive electronics in end-applications? In the USA, there is an organization called the Information Technology Industry Council (ITIC). This organization gives recommendations to power utility companies on how long a “normal” voltage swell can last. SBT300x family of products protects circuitry against these line voltage swells. Voltage swells of less than 100 milliseconds are likely within the protection domain of a varistor. However, they cannot protect against longer-term overvoltage swells because the energy exceeds the long-term power dissipation capability of a varistor. There is a large difference between the short-time and continuous power-handling capability of a varistor. Even a large 20mm varistor can only dissipate about 1 watt continuously. Therefore, long-term overvoltage conditions will likely damage a varistor, eventually causing a costly, sometimes unrepairable destruction to customers’ end products. SiliconBrite has created the SBT300x family of products which will ensure robust and uninterrupted long-term reliable operation in a broad range of applications.


The SBT3001 is an AC switch controller, which automatically disconnects the incoming AC power whenever unsafe over-voltages are detected, that ultimately would prevent the load from sustained operation beyond its maximum ratings. Once the incoming AC power voltage has stabilized back to within safe levels, the load is reconnected and normal operation resumes. To avoid excessive in-rush currents, the AC switch ‘connect’ is always synchronized to when the voltage across the AC switch is zero (i.e. zero volt Line to Load condition). Both, the over-voltage- protection (OVP) level and stabilization timer interval (CT delay), are user adjustable via external component values, CT and RSNS.



SBT300x Power Line Smart AC Switch Controller Evaluation Module

The SBT300x Evaluation Module (EVB), is an engineering circuit board designed for testing the operation of the SBT3001 integrated circuit and other ICs within the SBT300x product portfolio. The SBT300x EVB contains an SO8 IC socket and all the necessary support components to be able to apply an input voltage and a moderate load in order to evaluate the overvoltage protection features of the device.

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