SBT3200 Product Details

The SBT3200 is a patent pending, high voltage AC switch controller device which monitors an incoming AC power line voltage and load current, to ensure that the downstream load only operates within its safe maximum continuous voltage and current ratings. In the event of either an Over-voltage line condition, or an Over-current load condition, the SBT3200 will immediately disable the AC switch to protect and isolate the load. This minimizes the potential of catastrophic failure modes. The SBT3200 has the additional feature of latching off until manually reset, in the event of an overcurrent.

Once the line voltage and load current has stabilized back within a safe operating range for the duration of the recovery timer interval (user adjustable via external timing capacitor), normal load operation will resume in the following AC power line cycle. Turn-on (or re-turn-on) of the AC source to the load is always synchronized to zero Line-to-Load voltage condition, thereby resulting in minimal in-rush current stress.