Product Families
SBT3000 Autonomous Power Line Smart AC Switch Controller

The SBT3000 is an Autonomous Power Line Smart AC Switch Controller IC that turns on and off solid-state switches to protect a load from AC Undervoltage and Overvoltage conditions. The SBT3000 IC acts as a fast light switch. If the AC line input voltage is too high, it turns off the power. This protects the load, and when the power returns to normal, the SBT3000 turns the power back on again.

The SBT3000 extends the life of end applications by monitoring the AC line voltage automatically and continuously. It uses a smart control architecture to protect the product, ensuring uninterrupted long-term power protection and customer safety.

SBT3001 instant Off, Power Line Smart AC Switch Controller

The SBT3001 is a patent-pending, high voltage AC switch controller device which monitors incoming line voltage to ensure that the downstream load only operates within its safe maximum continuous voltage ratings. In the event of over-voltage line conditions, the SBT3001 will immediately disable the AC switch to protect and isolate the load and minimize the potential of catastrophic failure modes.

Once the line voltage has stabilized back within a safe operating range for the duration of the recovery timer interval (user adjustable via external timing capacitor), normal load operation will resume in the following cycle and be synchronized to zero Line to Load voltage condition, thereby resulting in minimal in-rush current stress.

SBT4000 lIoT Edge Inrush Current Controller

The SBT4000 is an automatic DC Current controller used to control the DC inrush current into a rectified DC capacitor or in AC to DC electronic fuse (E-Fuse) type applications.


When power is first applied, the SBT4000 gradually ramps up the charge on the DC bus capacitor until the peak of the AC input voltage is reached. When this happens, the controller sets the Power Good indicator to high, after which, the load can then be turned on. If at any time the current sense circuit senses that the load current is too high, then it will set the Power Good indicator low, and re-start the turn-on sequence. In this configuration, the SBT4000 can also be used as an electronic fuse (E-Fuse).

SBT3800 Multi Phase AC Power Monitor

The SBT3800 is a Smart Power Monitor IC that that reads line voltage, current, frequency, and ambient temperature, and outputs these values in the form of a synchronous serial data stream. The SBT3800 will accept a power input from DC to 100Hz so that solar and alternative energy sources can also be monitored.


The SBT3800 has a current limited output, and can, optionally drive an inexpensive opto-coupler to provide electrical isolation between the line and the data side of the SBT3800. The output data is sent with a parity bit to enhance data transmission integrity. The SBT3800 consumes only a small amount of power and can be powered directly from the power line.

SBT6300 Smart Power Control and Monitor

The SBT6300 is a high-reliability three-channel, AC power controller and monitor. Synchronous serial data from a digital controller can turn on/off any of the three AC loads using external triacs, or relays.

The current consumed by those loads can be read back through the same interface to confirm that the load is operating as expected. The line voltage can also be read via the SPl-like interface.

SBT8830 IGBT Driver

The SBT8830 is a single channel low and high side IGBT driver with over current, over-temperature, and under-voltage sensing features enabling a more reliable system.

For three-phase BLDC or stepper motor drive applications, multiple SBT8830 parts may be used in which each part has differential output drivers for the fastest and most direct connection to IGBT emitters. 

SBT3850 Industrial V-I Measurement

The SBT3850 is a versatile industrial V-I measurement IC that has built-in three-phase peak detection and interrupt functions. The peak detect detects the peak current and interrupts a microcontroller to indicate that current has exceeded a preset threshold.

The interrupt output may be also used as a rapid method of turning off power drivers. The temperature sensor measures the temperature of the current sense resistors, in order to factor a temperature correction into the voltage read from the current shunt resistors.

SBT7000 Integrated Power Module

The SBT7000 is an easy to use, convenient power module with integrated IGBT power transistors, an electrically isolated IGBT driver, and multiple safety features. The internal stepper driver manages the repetitive high-speed task of controlling the on/off and dead time states of the individual IGBTs. Changes to the stepper parameters can be made even when the stepper is operating. This eliminates controller synchronization issues.


The analog temperature output of the SBT7000 can be connected with other SBT7000 temperature outputs so that a single ADC can measure the peak temperature of all SBT7000 ICs in the system.

SBT6620 SPI Port Expander 

The SBT6620 is an intelligent and reliable Synchronous Serial Interface (SPI-like) controlled, eight-channel peripheral load driver and input monitor IC. The status of each of the I/O pins can always be read and can optionally be configured as an output. When configured as an output, each I/O pin is internally current limited and can sink or source current. The output voltage and input voltage threshold on the I/O pins scales to the voltage input so that voltages other than the controller Vdd can be used and allows the IC to monitor higher voltages, like a high voltage AC, or DC rail. This feature contributes to system versatility and reliability.

SBT5000 Multi-channel Touch Switches for Power Control

The SBT5000 is a simple touch or proximity switch for power control and sensing applications.  When a user comes in very close proximity to the touchpads or touches them, the SBT5000 is enabled and can control a microcontroller and/or turn on an external optocoupler for reporting and control. This can also be used to control the system power through the connected SiliconBrite SBT3000 Overvoltage Protection IC Autonomous Power Line Smart AC Switch Controller. When the system has finished the required functions, it can turn off the system power by resetting the controller.